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I Have My 501c3 Now What?

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This guide was written to provide the leader of a non-profit a blue print for establishing a successful organization.  It is the hope of the author that it will serve as a guide and checkpoint for not only the leader and executive director, but also for the board and committee chairpersons.

Building an organization is like building a home.  Before even the foundation can be laid, there must be ditches dug to lay the foundation according to the plan of the builder.  Securing tax exempt status is simply digging the ditch.  Then the founder and the board has to pour the cement, and then build the key points of the structure.  So many times people want to hang curtains, and there are no walls. It’s best to not move too fast or get ahead of the process.  Lay the foundation, build the walls, then comes the plaster, the paint, the furniture, the utilities, and then a garden can be dug.  

All of the above points to the simple fact that all of this is a process.  Digging the ditch opens up the promise of what the organization can accomplish.  However, a process of building, honing, developing is necessary in order to realize the promise.  The promise will not be realized without the process.

This is a step-by-step handbook on the process.  And one more thought, you won’t fail if you don’t quit, but be realistic in what you want to achieve.  Lay a good foundation and then build a strong structure.


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